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Archive of old news of the Quantum Transport group

Gianluca Rastelli became a Research Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg
With this 5y-Fellowship Gianluca Rastelli will perform research in theoretical quantum many-body physics and quantum transport in an interdisciplinary environment. His research group will be hosted by the AG Belzig of the Department of Physics

Two articles accepted in Physical Review Letters
Our theoretical predictions of Ground State Cooling of a Nanomechanical Oscillator by a Spin-Polarized Current and Over-Bias Light Emission in Tunnel Junctions have been accepted within one week

Wolfgang Belzig elected for Walter-Schottky-Prize committee
During the 79th German Physical Society Spring Meeting the DPG Council elected W. Belzig as member for the next three years.

Highlight 2013 in New Journal of Physics
The article of Kurt Franke, Adam Bednorz and Wolfgang Belzig on Noninvasiveness and time symmetry of weak measurements was selected as one of the Highlights in 2013 (checkout high energy physics!)

Sackler Visting Chair at Tel Aviv for Wolfgang Belzig
With this award Wolfgang Belzig will have the possibility to visit the Group of Abraham Nitzan at Tel Aviv University during the academic year 2013/2014. The visit will also be supported by an EDEN-Fellowship, covered by the EU.

Workshop on Superconducting Proximity and Josephson Effects in Nanoscale Systems
545. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, November 19 to 22, 2013

2-year Fellowship of the Zukunftskolleg for Gianluca Rastelli
Our group member was awarded with a Postdoctoral Fellowship to do research on quantum phase slips and related topics in the Quantum Transport Group and the interdisciplinary environment of the Zukunftskolleg starting March 2013.

VEUK Prize for Johannes Reutlinger
The Quantum Transport Group member receives one of the VEUK Prizes 2012 for the best Diploma in Physics. In his thesis, completed in April 2012, he investigated novel spectral properties of proximity systems. 

Conference Trends in Nanoscience
In Feb 24-28 the next Trends in Nanoscience organized by SFB 767 will take place in Kloster Irsee. The application website is already open: www.trends-in-nanoscience.de

Start of the second funding period of SFB 767
In Jan 2012 the next four-year period of the Collaborative Research Center Controlled Nanosystems began. Wolfgang Belzig was selected as new spokesperson.

Wolfgang Belzig selected as Outstanding Referee of the APS 2012
The American Physical Society honors the quality, number, and timeliness of his reports for the Physical Review journals. Each year the APS recognize about 150 out of their 50,000 referees as "Outstanding".

Quantum noise and Measurement in Engineered Electronic Systems
Workshop at the MPI in Dresden in Oct 8-12, 2012 organized by Wolfgang Belzig, Michel Devoret and Yuli Nazarov. 

Second Phase of SFB 767 was approved by DFG
Our research on "Controlled Nanosystems" can be continued for the years 2012-2015 in the framework of the Collaborative Research Center 767 together with colleague from the Departments of Physics and Chemistry and the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research.

Graduation of Jan Hammer and Christian Wickles
Jan defended his thesis "Coherent Electron Transport in Nanostructures" and Christian defended his thesis on "Quantum Transport in Non-collinear Magnetic Nanostructures".

Nano prize 2010 for a member of the Quantum Transport Group
Dr. Federica Haupt is awarded with the Nano prize of the Universitätsgesellschaft Konstanz for  her outstanding contribution to research in Nanotechnology.
More information on the homepage of the university

469. Wilhem and Else Heraeus-Seminar
Quantum Dynamics in Nanoscale Heterostructures
December 7-10 (2010), Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Registration and information

New Research Initiative UltraQuantum
The goal is to explore physical phenomena in the ultra-quantum regime in experiment and theory. For further information contact the Speaker Prof. W Belzig or visit the website.

SNF Grant for Martin Bruderer
Starting March 2010 Dr. Bruderer will do research in the field of quantum transport of cold atoms in the group for two years.

VEUK Prize for Fabian Mohn
The former Diploma Student of the group received the prize of the VEUK for the best Diploma in 2008

Free Space for Creativity (Excellence Initiative)
PD Dr. Matthias Eschrig is as guest professor in the group until Sep 2010 to support the teaching activities and to perform research projects in mesoscopic superconductivity